Counting Sheep

Counting Sheep

An infusion of refreshing lemon, calming lavender, and rosemary oil, Counting Sheep is a scented soy candle specially designed for relaxation. The comforting properties of geranium oil and lavender help to alleviate anxiety while soothing the senses and clearing the mind.


Light this hand poured candle in the evening and sink into the scents of lilac-toned lavender fields as the fragrance is released. Breathe in the floral, berry notes with soft, woody undertones and let the relaxing scent carry you away.


This deeply peaceful candle is designed to help settle your mood and prepare your body for sleep. Lavender is a natural remedy for insomnia and can help you to sleep longer and more deeply.


Top notes - lemon, lavendar, rosemary

Heart notes - geranium, ylang ylang, sweet guaiac wood

Base notes - cedar, creamy sandalwood, patchouli


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    All our single wick candles are;


    environmentally friendly

    220g soy wax

    burn time of 30 -35 hours

    contain no parabens

    arrive in recycled or recyclable packaging