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About Mawgans

I have always loved scented candles. To me, they have a calming effect and create a focal point, in a very busy, family home (and help to mask the smell of my five dogs). 

However, I used to feel frustrated that many scented candles either didn't smell strong enough or burnt unevenly. Like everyone else, I have become more aware of the environmental impact of candles, too. So, I decided to make my own.... 

My candles are inspired by my love of nature and have a strong - but not overpowering - scent. They are poured in small batches in my kitchen in Surrey. I use soy wax, meaning all my candles are vegan. The luxurious packaging comes from recycled materials and even the ribbon is made from clear plastic waste PET bottles.

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Meet Sarah

Founder of Mawgans

I launched Mawgans in 2020 when everyone was forced to spend more time at home than usual and this gave me the creative space to think about starting my own business. My focus for many years had been on my family and looking after my children, five dogs and countless other pets, but I have always been quite creative and I was ready for a new challenge. Over the years I have tried various crafts and ideas, but in the winter of 2019 I discovered my love for candle making while creating Christmas gifts for friends and family. The candles were so well received that I decided to pursue my new hobby and before long, Mawgans was born! 

As a child I spent many happy holidays on the Cornish coast, a tradition that I have continued with my own family. Every summer you can find us in the rock pools and collecting shells on the beach at Mawgan Porth with the dogs running around us, it is my happy place. This love of Cornwall and the beautiful scenery all around my home in Surrey has inspired my collection of natural soy candles and I only have to light one to be instantly transported to those happy days on the beach or in the garden with my family. I hope you, your family and your friends enjoy them as much as I do.

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