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The Cornish White Ceramic Candle Pot and Candle

The Cornish White Ceramic Candle Pot and Candle

The Cornish White ceramic candle pot and candle 

Our beautiful ceramic candle pots are made to be refilled with our specially designed refill candles, so you can keep, cherish and reuse your pot again and again.


This is our Cornish White ceramic candle pot, hand thrown by The Cornish Potter. Glazed in a stunning white to reflect the crashing waves along the Cornish coast, each pot is unique with natural lines, curves and colour variations that give every piece a distinct personality of its own.


Choose from our range of beautiful scents in the drop down menu;

Scent options:

Counting sheep - Lemon, lavendar, eucalyptus, lime

Francesca’s Garden - English pear, quince, honey, freesia, rose, rhubarb, patchouli, amber, musk

Pinky Promise - Rhubarb, elderflower, rose, pineapple

Morning Fresh - Mandarin, lemongrass, basil, spearmint


Just simply place your used pot in a dish of warm water. After a couple of minutes the remaining wax will soften. Remove the wax with a paper towel and wash your pot in warm soap and water. It’s now ready to refill, relight and enjoy.


At Mawgans, we pride ourselves on simplicity and sustainability. We are passionate about bringing you beautiful fragrances to fill your home while finding ways to reduce waste and create products that will last.


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    Ceramic Pot with refill candle - please choose which scent from the drop down menu.

    All our refill candles are made from 320g pure soy wax and the finest fragrance and essential oils to scent your candle.

    Approx. burn time - 50 hours

    Each ceramic pot measures approx. 9 cm across and 9-10cm in height. Every one is indiviudally hand thrown so each pot will differ slighly giving each one it's on unique style. 

    Your ceramic pot arrives in it's own organic cotton drawstring bag to keep your pot clean and safe.




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