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Coffee cup candle - Francesca's Garden (Soft Pink)

Coffee cup candle - Francesca's Garden (Soft Pink)

We've combined our love for exceptional coffee, uplifting candles, and a commitment to sustainability. Welcome to our world where every cup holds not just coffee but an essence of tranquility. Nestled within these charming ceramic coffee cups lie our handcrafted plant wax candles, created with our scents to uplift your mood.


Step into a sun-filled English garden with our Francesca’s Garden soy candle and breathe in the sweet fragrance of fresh English pear, quince, honey and rhubarb, with soft undertones of white freesia and climbing rose.


Top notes - pear, quince, honey

Heart notes - white freesia, rose

Base notes - rhubarb, pathcouli, amber, musk


Once you've enjoyed the delightful aroma, simply immerse the cup in a bowl of warm water. Once the wax softens, wipe away any remnants with a paper towel, cleanse in warm, soapy water, and dry.


With your cup refreshed and rejuvenated, it's time to treat yourself to your favourite coffee creation. Whether it's a comforting latte, a velvety flat white, or a bold macchiato, sit back and savor each sip.


But why stop at one? Explore our range of enchanting scents and collect the entire range of coffee cups, from soft hues of pink and aqua to the radiant embrace of sunset red. Let each cup tell a story, each scent paint a memory, and each moment be steeped in blissful serenity.


Embrace the ritual. Embrace the moment. Embrace the magic of our coffee cup candles.


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    All our coffee cup candles are vegan and environmentally friendly.

    Designed to be enjoyed as a candle, then washed and ready for a lifetime of your favourite coffee roast.

    150g soy wax

    Approx. burn time of 30 hours

    contain no parabens

    arrive in recycled or recyclable packaging

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