Wake Me Up

Wake Me Up


Inspired by the enticing scent of fresh coffee in the morning, this dark and refined fragrance captures the essence of that first sip.


Feel the rich, enveloping warmth awaken your senses and breathe in the sweet, silky notes of cream and vanilla. Rich, indulgent notes of cacao add delicious depth.


This signature fragrance conjures up the feeling of slow afternoons spent with friends and vibrant, bustling mornings in a new city with a whole day of possibilities ahead of you.


This candle is hand poured with our new 100% pure coconut and rapeseed wax and is in our new larger, 30cl white gloss containers holding 220g wax. 


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    All Wake Me Up 30cl candles are;


    environmentally friendly

    contain at 220g Coconut and Rapeseed wax

    have a burn time of 30-35 hours