Kerensa Refill Candle

Kerensa Refill Candle

Kerensa Refill 


Refill candle for use in our ceramic candle pots


A fragrance of luscious and refreshing juicy pomegranate fruits with the heady floral scent of the spicy Casablanca lily, resting on a subtle base of smoky wood. Kerensa is a truly divine and aromatic candle.


Kerensa is a wonderful Cornish name that means ‘love’, and Cornwall holds a very special place in our hearts at Mawgans. We’re named after the golden sands of Mawgan Porth in Cornwall, which is one of our favourite places in the world. With this luxury soy candle you can instantly evoke the joy that surrounds the places and people you cherish dearly.


Light this hand poured candle whenever you need to spread a little love. It’s perfect to flicker warmly during a romantic evening at home, or save it for yourself and create an enveloping and relaxing atmosphere for one. A Kerensa candle makes the perfect gift for a partner or a much-deserved treat for yourself.


Top notes:      pomegranate

Heart notes: casablanca lily

Base notes:   smoky wood


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    300g pure coconut and soy wax

    Vegan, eco-friendly, cruelty free

    Burn time 45-50 hours