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Kerensa Reed Diffuser Refill

Kerensa Reed Diffuser Refill

Kerensa Reed Diffuser Oil - Refill only


A fragrance of luscious and refreshing juicy pomegranate fruits with the heady floral scent of the spicy Casablanca lily, resting on a subtle base of smoky wood. Kerensa is a truly divine and aromatic candle.


Kerensa is a wonderful Cornish name that means ‘love’, and Cornwall holds a very special place in our hearts at Mawgans. We’re named after the golden sands of Mawgan Porth in Cornwall, which is one of our favourite places in the world. With this luxury scent you can instantly evoke the joy that surrounds the places and people you cherish dearly.


Fill your home with the fragrances you love throughout the day, with a Mawgans luxury reed room diffuser. They’re the perfect way to create a soft and subtle scent to enhance and elevate your space.


Our stylish room diffusers are available in all of our signature scents, and come with ultra thick diffuser sticks. These are made from recycled materials and have been innovatively designed to release a long-lasting fragrance, which spreads throughout your space.


Because they are flame-free and don’t require any heat, reed diffusers can be kept in your home all day, every day, and can easily be moved between rooms.


Your reed diffuser will last for two to three months, ensuring your home is filled with the scent you love each day. If you would like to amplify the aroma, every few weeks you can simply rotate the reeds so the moist ends are at the top.


All of the fragrances and base oils in our luxury room diffusers are vegan and cruelty free.


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    6 ultra thick diffuser reeds

    Your diffuser will fragrance your room for two to three months


    Environmentally friendly

    Arrives in beautiful recycled packaging

    Rotate the reeds every few weeks over a sink or paper towel, to avoid any spillages.


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