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Reed Diffuser Refills

Reed Diffuser Refills

Reffil Reed Diffuser Oil

Our diffuser refill oils can be used in our beautiful ceramic diffuser pots. Our hand thrown pots should last a lifetime so you can keep refilling them with our diffuser oils again and again. A sustainable, elegant and flame free option to fragrance your home, effortlessly.


Our diffuser oils are vegan, cruelty free and available in all our signature scents - please select from the drop down menu.

Counting sheep - Lemon, lavendar, eucalyptus, lime

Francesca’s Garden - English pear, quince, honey, freesia, rose, rhubarb, pathcouli, amber, musk

Pinky Promise - Rhubarb, elderflower, rose, pineapple

Morning Fresh - Mandarin, lemongrass, basil, spearmint


200ml Diffuser Oil

6 ultra thick replacement reeds


At Mawgans, we pride ourselves on simplicity and sustainability. We are passionate about bringing you beautiful fragrances to fill your home while finding ways to reduce waste and create products that will last.


Our diffuser refills come with 6 replacement ultra thick diffuser sticks. These are made from recycled materials and have been innovatively designed to release a long-lasting fragrance, which spreads throughout your space. Because they are flame-free and don’t require any heat, reed diffusers can be kept in your home all day, every day, and can easily be moved between rooms.


Your reed diffuser oil will last for over three months, ensuring your home is filled with the scent you love each day. If you would like to amplify the aroma, every few weeks you can simply rotate the reeds so the moist ends are at the top.


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    200ml diffuser oil

    6 ultra thick diffuser reeds

    Your diffuser will fragrance your room for over three months


    Environmentally friendly

    Arrives in beautiful recycled packaging

    Rotate the reeds every few weeks over a sink or paper towel, to avoid any spillages.

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