Bottles of matches - COME ON BABY

Bottles of matches - COME ON BABY

Make a statement on your mantel piece with these fabulous matches in our reusable and recyclable apothecary glass bottles.


Each match is 10cm long, perfect for lighting winter fires or awkward to reach candle wicks. Each bottle features a silk screen design, cork stopper and a striker strip on the back of the bottle for lighting matches in style.


These matches are the perfect essential for candle enthusiasts and fireside accessories.


Choose from:

A SPARK IS A LITTLE THING (white match heads)

IT IS BETTER TO LIGHT. (white match heads)

BURN BRIGHT (black match heads)

MATCHES (black match heads)

STRIKE (red match heads)

COME ON BABY (red match heads)

THIS IS NOW (purple match heads)

FIRE LIGHT FIRE BRIGHT (long black match heads)

WE ARE NOT HERE TO CURSE. (long white match heads)


Come on baby, light my fire




We love it that your match bottles can be used over and over again. So if you’re down to your last few matches, we’ve got you covered. Our match bottle refills include 120 wooden matches and a replacement strike paper. Replacement matches are only available in the red match heads at the current time. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refills for the long fireside matches but we are working on it!


Find match bottle refills here.


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    Matches are made in the EU from fast purpose grown forests that are replanted, filled by hand in the UK.

    • Matchsticks 120 x 98mm
    • Strike-on-bottle flint

    • Bottle measures 17cm x 7cm diameter


    Keep out of reach of children. Do not keep too close to fireplace as glass may heat up and cause injury.


    Dimensions - 7cm (d) x 17cm (h)


    Capacity - 120 matches each