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Find out if your candles are vegan

Are Paraffin candles vegan?

Many high street candles contain wax made from Paraffin, or a blend of Paraffin and vegetable wax. Why?

Paraffin wax is known to have some performance benefits over other types of wax. It’s generally easier to work with, and less prone to crystallisation, has a superior scent throw and overall, is more efficient in holding colour dye.

Is Paraffin wax vegan?

Paraffin is 100% free from animal or animal-derived components and is cruelty-free. This means that paraffin wax can be used in any vegan-friendly product without any labelling implications, so technically it’s vegan.

However, many people choosing to lead a vegan lifestyle, tend to do so to reduce their impact on the environment. Which leads us to ask….

Is Paraffin wax environmentally friendly?

It could be argued that because Paraffin wax is a by product of the petroleum industry, it’s using up a waste product that would otherwise, be disposed of. However, it’s generally viewed Paraffin wax is environmentally unfriendly due to it’s association to the petroleum and mining industry and the wax’s manufacturing process.

My thoughts are that paraffin candles are ‘vegan-friendly’ and ‘cruelty free’ but technically they aren’t ‘vegan’. Many candles you buy on the high street don’t have labels on them telling you what wax they’re made from. If this is the case, they most likely have paraffin in them. Alternative sustainable waxes are made from plant waxes such as soy, rapeseed and coconut wax, or a blend of these. If is doesn’t say 100% or ‘pure’ plant based waxes on the label, chances are it contains paraffin.

Here at at Mawgans, we only use 100% plant based waxes. Why? Because it’s;

  • natural

  • biodegradable

  • vegan

  • environmentally friendly

  • cruelty free

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